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Evaluating Machine Monitoring: Why Ease of Implementation Should Matter to Your Whole Team

Learn how a good machine monitoring system can help measure machine uptime and downtime and even reveal why that dreaded downtime is occurring.

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The 2020 Manufacturing Playbook: A Structured Approach to Navigating Uncertainty

If your goal is to survive the recession and emerge stronger and wiser, this is the playbook you need to read on how to proceed.

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How Manufacturers Can Increase Revenue with an OEE Tracking System

Implementing an OEE tracking system at your factory has its advantages. Learn 5 ways a system like this can help your factory increase revenue.

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How Amper Customers Can Leverage Our System and Get the Most Out of Their Production Data

Investing in an OEE tracking system is a great first step toward reducing machine downtime, saving money and, ultimately, increasing revenue.

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How to Label Machine Downtime and Create Accountability with Teams Using Amper

Implementing a utilization tracking system like Amper is an effective way to manage machine downtime. However, you’ll need to enable your supervisors and managers to create accountability with the system and with operators. 

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Fact Check: Machine Monitoring Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

If you think machine monitoring is out of the question for your factory due to the cost and the time it takes to implement a solution, think again. 

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Mitotec Saves $1.4M in Under a Year with Amper

In this 30-minute session, Mitotec General Manager, Clinton Pouillie and Operations Manager, Bob Fourtounis discuss how Amper’s software saved their company over a million dollars in under a year.

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GPP Plant Manager Shares Experiences Using Shop Floor Data to Maximize Productivity

Michael Abbott—Plant Manager of Global Precision Parts (GPP), shares his company’s experience installing and using Amper’s OEE tracking system, from hard-earned lessons to ah-ha moments. 

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5 Strategies to Unlock Production Capacity–Without Hiring or CapEz

Learn how you can increase capacity at your factory—before investing in new equipment in this 30 minute webinar.

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Best Practices for Implementing Machine Monitoring

Don’t let your machine monitoring implementation fail! Watch this recorded webinar to lear 5 best practices for avoiding common pitfalls. 

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How to Attract, Retain & Empower a Top Workforce

Learn how to hire, develop and keep manufacturing talent while reducing your time and cost investment in this webinar recording presented by Amper and FactoryFix.

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Approaching 2021: How Manufacturing Leaders are Planning For Growth

Join Amper and other manufacturing thought-leaders as we discuss the current state of the industry, as well as strategies for growth in the coming year.

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How Machine Monitoring Can Drive Continuous Improvement with Precise Tooling

Don Dumoulin, Owner & CEO of Precise Tooling Solutions, discusses his company’s journey to find and implement a machine monitoring solution to collect true spindle time and track downtime.

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How Manufacturers are Adopting Lean Principles to Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch a virtual panel discussion with leading manufacturers as we discuss key survival strategies during the COVID-19 crisis, and how your factory can plan for long-term endurance and growth.

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How to Maximize Existing Resources and Bridge the Skills Gap

Manufacturers must learn how to squeeze the most out of what they already have. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through how to do just that.

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How to Reduce Setup & Changeover Times through a SMED Event

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the core principles of a SMED event and how to run one at your factory to reduce changeover times by 50%.

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MakingChips Podcast: 3 Easy Data Points to Learn from Your Machine

Charles Morley, the President of Schleifring Medical Systems, talks about how Charles implemented Amper technology in his shop and the benefits it has had on his business.

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Young Leaders Define Their Business Strategies

Production Machining announces their 2021 list of Emerging Leaders in the precision machining industry.

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Forbes 30 Under 30 2020: Manufacturing Industry

Amper Technologies’ cofounders make it to the Forbes 30 Under 2020 for digitizing and improving operations with IoT analytics software.

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Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Data Collection with Akshat Thirani

Our CEO Akshat Thirani shares how he solved the software disparity between computer engineers and manufacturers and created a tool to enable manufacturing leaders to meet their goals as efficiently as possible.

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Crain’s 20 In Their 20s

See why our CEO Akshat Thirani is one of Crain’s Chicagos 20 In Their 20s.

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30 Under 30: Recognizing the Future Leaders of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineering’s 2018 Class of 30 Under 30 honorees are in a class all their own.

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UMW Case Study

Watch the video to find out how UMW is using Amper to automate the data collection process, streamline shop floor communication and better empower employees.

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Fusion OEM Case Study

Watch this video to learn how Fusion OEM works with Amper to improve efficiency and increase productivity across their shop.

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What is Amper?

Watch this quick 1-minute video to learn about Amper’s simple and affordable OEE & machine monitoring solution. 

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Playbooks & Templates

5 Best Practices for Setting Your Machine Monitoring System up for Success

In Amper’s newest whitepaper, we’ll walk you through five proven best practices to get the most from your OEE tracking system.

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How to Conduct a SMED Event eBook

All manufacturers, regardless of size, can benefit from SMED. Download this eBook to learn how to conduct one at your factory and reduce changeover times by up to 50%. 

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Free A3 Template

An A3 problem solving template is a helpful Lean tool that provides an easy and consistent approach to problem solving.

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