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Target Tracker

Meet your production goals with confidence

Target Tracker is an essential tool for any manufacturer looking to stay ahead of the competition, meet every production goal, and keep customers happy.

This feature gives you the confidence to say whether you'll finish a job on time or get the promised number of parts out the door. You'll be able to see:

✅ Projected completion date
✅ Exact hours remaining
✅ Actual vs. target cycle times

Set realistic goals and expectations

Get instant feedback on uptime, cycle time, and parts made to fine-tune your goals and expectations.

Target Tracker will let you know right away if your goals are unrealistic or need adjusting, so you’ll never have to guess about inputs and outputs again.

Empower operators to stay on track

Operators can keep tabs on their production goals during their shifts. This helps them stay on track, take ownership of their work, and spot issues right away.

Eliminate double data entry

Automatically populate digital tally sheets with data such as part number, target cycle times, and the target number of good parts.

Once you assign a goal to a machine or tally sheet, Target Tracker takes care of the rest. This will reduce the chances of manual entry errors and free up valuable time for your team to hit production goals.

Always know where your jobs stand

Get a clear overview of all your hot jobs and goals. Keep customers satisfied by giving them accurate updates, timelines, and delivery dates.

The Amper Scoreboard also gives you a clear overview of all your jobs. Indicators will show which jobs are off-target and in need of attention.

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