Amper for operations

Production targets shouldn’t be stressful

Amper tells you what’s going on so you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to know what happened. Understand exactly what to do to hit your production goals and justify investments in training, new hires, or new machines.
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“Amper offered us what we needed: great features with easy justification. We determined that if we could save one hour a month with better utilization, the purchase would justify itself.”
Bob Fourtounis
Operations Manager, Mitotec
in annual savings
50% improvement in utilization
20% reduction in setup times
35 hrs/day decrease in unplanned downtime

Make your day-to-day more predictable

at a glance scoreboards

Leave production surprises behind

Be everywhere at once with Amper’s real-time scoreboard. Easily check in on machines, jobs, and operators with just a glance; plus, quickly spot and tackle issues related to utilization, downtime, and more before they derail your schedules.
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Drive team performance

Encourage accountability and high standards with clear goals, visible metrics, and self-management tools to call for assistance and track job progress. But why stop there? Foster even greater success by using data to identify coaching opportunities and recognize your top performers.
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alerts on job targets

Make the right decisions fast

Amper cuts through the noise to reveal the 80/20, so you can focus on solutions right away. Visual reports, instant alerts, and target tracking help you stay on top of your operations and escalate issues before they disrupt your production—or sanity.
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smooth operations

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