All-inclusive OEE &
machine monitoring pricing

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Try Amper with our 4-week Pilot Program. 


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2 hardware sensors & gateways plus:

Utilization monitoring

Setup & downtime root cause tracking

Alerts & andon communication


Automate data collection for real-time, accurate reporting and analysis.


Per machine.
Billed Annually.

All hardware sensors & gateways plus:

Unlimited users

Utilization monitoring

Setup & downtime reason tracking

Alerts & andon communication


Go paperless and discover true OEE with part count & cycle times.


Per machine.
Billed Annually.

All Essential features plus:

OEE dashboards 

Automated part count

Digital tallysheets for paperless reporting


Run on Amper’s FactoryOS with multi-site control and ERP integrations.

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All Performance features plus:

Multi-site visibility 

OEE benchmarking

ERP integration

Advanced analytics

*Listed pricing based on annual billing—monthly or quarterly options available. Volume (25+ machines) and term-length discounts available. Pricing based on Wi-Fi connectivity. Cellular pricing available upon request. 

All plans include:

Hardware & Implementation
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Tech Support via Chat, Email & Phone
OEE solution machine monitoring

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Amper featuresEssentialPerformanceEnterprise
Unlimited users
Automated alert escalation (sms/email)
Real time machine monitoring
Root cause analysis & drill-down tools
Setup tracking
Automated report subscriptions
Andon communication and response time tracking
Usage based maintenance tracking
Rich & visual dashboards
Custom Work Instructions (WI)
Custom data fields
OEE tracking
Part count & scrap
Automated Cycle time
Free access to beta features
Unlimited 1:1 training
Custom dashboards
Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant
Multi-site visibiliity
Advanced BI tool licenses
ERP integration
API access

Frequently asked questions

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the industry standard for measuring productivity. It is calculated with 3 factors: Availability x Performance x Quality = OEE. Amper helps you understand your true OEE and where to make improvements with the biggest impact. 


Amper can be installed on any machine in less than 15 minutes, with no PLC or IT integration. We offer the industry’s simplest (yet powerful) solution.

Amper’s pricing model is a true SaaS model, which means it’s accessible to get started. There are no implementation fees, and all software updates & hardware maintenance is included in the price. 

Our mission is to democratize manufacturing data for companies of all sizes. To ensure that every company has access to digital transformation, we offer a monthly payment plan (min. 1 year contract length). Note: you can save up to 13% by paying annually.

Yes! You can upgrade your plan at any time. However, downgrading is only possible at the end of your original contract term.

Sure thing. Amper’s web app is accessible from anywhere on any device. Check in on your factory from your home office or the golf course!

Typical ROI for our customer is less than 2 months. Immediate payback will be realized by automating your data collection, and long term payback is realized through continuous improvement projects. These projects are driven by root cause analysis on the accurate, actionable data that Amper collects for you.

You own all the data. We store data in the cloud using best-in-class encryption methods, so your information is always safe.

You can test Amper on 2-machines through our Pilot Program. Find out if you meet the Pilot Program eligibility requirements.

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