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Get the most out of Amper with ERP integrations

Consolidate data
Eliminate double entry and simplify how operators access and track information.
Enhance your workflows
Combine ERP and production data for a clearer, fuller picture of your shop.
Improve quoting
Optimize your standards and estimates to quote accurately and confidently.

Why integrate Amper with your ERP?

You’ll get more out of your systems when you integrate: more flexibility, more clarity, more insights—but with much less of a hassle.
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Empower operators with easy access to live job data and critical information.
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Integrate a real-time system to level up your capabilities while keeping workflows intact.
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Increase existing systems’ precision to check goal progress.

What you get when you integrate

In short? You get richer real-time data for enhanced flexibility, clarity, and long-term success.
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On-prem or cloud options

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Fully maintained API and sandbox

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Ongoing consulting

Featured integrations

...and many others!

Drop us a line to find out if we integrate with your desired ERP.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you integrate with...?
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Amper is capable of integrating with a number of systems, including Oracle, SAP, and INFOR. If you’re looking for a specific system, let's chat!
Do you integrate with on-prem solutions?
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Yes, Amper integrates with your cloud and on-prem hosted systems. We use a low-code API integration platform to connect to your on-prem system.
What’s your typical integration timeline?
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Typically, integrations take 3-4 weeks. This is from the discovery session to the final go-live date.