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It’s time to ditch imprecise methods. (Bye, stopwatch!) Use detailed, automatically-collected data to confidently identify CI opportunities, validate Lean Manufacturing initiatives, and achieve your yearly cost savings goal.
CI engineers cutting costs
“With Amper, we can identify and prioritize the biggest areas of improvement on the floor. Our system provides great root cause analysis for our upcoming CI projects.”
Stefen Clement
Data & Systems Analyst, ASH Industries
in annual savings
10% decrease in machine downtime
20% improvement in utilization
$60k saved in just 4 weeks

See improvement opportunities clearly

downtime reason displayed in graph

Optimize resources and increase margins

Uncover where and why you’re using excess resources with accurate, comprehensive data. Amper collects it automatically, so you can break up with paper tally sheets, slash the time wasted on manual tasks, and effortlessly identify areas of improvement.
  • Reveal unused capacity with the utilization scoreboard
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks with the downtime explorer
  • Identify losses with the OEE dashboard
cost saving dashboard with key insights

Discover and validate CI opportunities

Build a case for your initiatives and justify investments with hard numbers. Amper’s root cause analysis tool gives you answers with just a few clicks, so you’ll never have to build plans with best-guess data or operator hunches again.
  • Conduct SMED events with the setup tool
  • Calculate cost of downtime and CI projects with the Cost Savings Dashboard
  • Identify the 80/20 with the downtime explorer
cost savings calculator

Calculate the impact of your initiatives

Put a dollar amount to your CI project results (future or completed ones) with Amper’s Cost Savings Dashboard. Plus, use this concrete data to:
  • Determine project success
  • Inform future initiatives
  • Justify impact of your role

You’re one step closer to bigger cost savings

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