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Amper brings clarity and control to your operations. From asset performance to revenue insights, everything you need is at your fingertips.


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Amper FactoryOS® is like mission control for your factory. Centralized insights and holistic management tools help you review, communicate, and execute smooth operations—all from a single place.

designed to give you answers—not just data

for a more connected and profitable shop

Manufacturers need more than just machine monitoring. More than complex spreadsheets and meaningless metrics.

That's why Amper FactoryOS collects, connects, and contextualizes data from your machines, jobs, systems, and people.  

Now, it's easier than ever to eliminate siloes, streamline operations, and understand how your assets' performance impacts your revenue.

our prescriptive path to success

Amper gives you the insights and tools to master the elements of a winning business.

MORE success than all the rest

see the clearest picture

Cut through the noise with software that helps you focus on what really matters.

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Empower every team member

Gain a helpful tool for every person and goal.

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get up and running in no time

Start monitoring assets and solving pain points right away.

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