Goodbye production surprises.

Hate surprises? So do we. Get real-time visibility into what's happening on your shop floor right now, so you'll never be left in the dark about missing production targets.

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Amper OEE Tracking Machine Monitoring

Radically simple machine monitoring for precision manufacturers

Never miss your production goals

Self-install in 15 minutes or less

No PLC integration--simply clip the Amper sensor onto any CNC machine's power supply.

non invasive sensor

Patented algorithm converts machine's electrical heartbeat into data.

manufacturing analytics

Access operational analytics in real-time from any device.

How Amper elevates factories everywhere

Get clear answers about what’s happening on the shop floor

Never question what’s going on in your factory again. Real-time dashboards show you what is happening on your machines like OEE and machine downtime. Easily dive into the data to see utilization metrics by day, machine, part and part number.

clear answers about shop floor
escalation alerts amper

Escalate problems before they disrupt operations

Automatically notify the right people when a machine goes down. Send escalation alerts via text or email when the problem persists after a fixed time period.

Quickly identify the root cause of downtime

Uncover previously hidden trends and insights into downtime by machine, part or operator.

track downtime reasons

Realize true machine utilization & unlock hidden capacity

Capture the reality of your machine’s uptime, month-over-month, to help drive improvement projects and efficiently invest your resources.

amper capacity & utilization
Featured Case Study
Precision manufacturer, UMW, struggled with inaccurate, slow data collection. The company sought out a solution that could help automate this process. Watch the video to learn how UMW has realized greater visibility, streamlined shop-floor communication and empowered operators with Amper.
Featured Case Study
Fusion OEM
As a high-mix low-volume manufacturer, Fusion OEM deals with constant setups and changeovers. With Amper, Fusion OEM was able to maximize utilization and reduce costs, which helps ensure on-time delivery and lower prices for their customers.
fusion oem amper

Getting started is easy.

Test Amper on 2 of your CNC machines. Absolutely free. 

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How Amper helps your entire team

plant manager amper

Plant Manager

  • Complete factory visibility
  • Better team accountability & goal setting
ops manager amper

Operations Manager

  • Insight into production
  • Rapid escalation of issues

CI Manager

  • Pipeline of improvement projects
  • Impact validation with accurate data
operators amper


  • On-demand SOPs & support
  • Data-driven training & development
maintenance team amper


  • Smart, preventative maintenance schedules
  • Simple system installation— deployed in minutes


  • Capacity data for CapEx & hiring justification
  • Log of cost-saving project

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