The production data you’ve always wanted—at your fingertips.

Digitize your factory and save money on downtime and setup costs with the simplest OEE and machine monitoring system in the industry. Deployed in minutes, not months.

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What is Amper?

Amper is a real-time machine monitoring and OEE tracking system that gives you complete control and visibility into your operations.

Our solution is deployed in minutes with no complex machine integrations. Our non-invasive sensor system translates the electrical heartbeat of any machine into metrics. 

Eliminate manual data collection, hold your team accountable and focus efforts on the root causes that drive your biggest losses.


Meet production goals

Meet daily production goals.

Never miss a customer commitment with real-time visibility into machine downtime, issue escalations and work processes.

Make better managers.

Provide the right resources to make managers into coaches and goal-setters with insight into root causes by operator

digitize your factory

Digitize your factory floor.

Instead of relying on pen & paper, add time back into everyone’s day using automated, digital tools.

continuously improve

Continuously improve.

Feel confident in the decisions you make about improvement projects, pricing, staffing or replacing equipment with accurate data.

Unleash your factory's full potential

OEE tracking system

Eliminate Manual Data Collection

Prevent inaccurate production metrics and eliminate the need for pen & paper with real-time machine monitoring.

Improve Shop Floor Communication

Automatically alert the right team when a machine goes down or have operators send out notifications via email or text—without ever leaving their station.

andon alert system
reduce setup times

Reduce Setup Times

Create standardized steps to maintain SOPs and measure how long each step takes by operator, machine and part number. Identify stalls in the process to fix problem areas and accelerate setup times.

Deploy in Minutes—Not Months

Our easy-install machine sensors require no IT resources or costly PLC integrations. Setup takes less than 10 minutes per machine. Get actionable data within weeks of deployment!

Here's what our customers are saying

oee system case studies
We've realized great gains in our productivity by having Amper installed. Our efficiency has risen dramatically and it's helping us train our workforce.
Ken Chess,
Chief Operating Officer
Amper has given us greater transparency into our maintenance data, allowing us to spread around talent and do more with less.
Jim Organ,
Plant Manager
Our management and engineering teams rely on Amper's automated alerts to respond quickly to downtime and keep our machines running.
Michael Rigotti,
Operations Manager
Fusion OEM Amper case study

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