Goodbye production surprises

Say hello to real-time visibility into your shop floor
Amper machine monitoring sensor
CNC machine monitoring demo cog
machine dashboard showing uptime and downtime metrics for a shop floor

Amper is a radically simple production and machine monitoring system designed for manufacturers just like you

How it works

Easily connect machines to the internet and pull utilization data.
Self-install on any machine type in 15 minutes or less.
Clipping Amper sensor to machine power supply

No PLC integration--simply clip the Amper sensor onto any machine's power supply.

Amper sensor converting machine heartbeat to real-time data

Patented technology converts machine's electrical heartbeat into data.

Amper oee machine monitoring

Access data with Amper's suite of digital tools to drive CI initiatives and unlock hours of capacity.

Unleash your factory's potential

Why customers love Amper

Learn more about Amper's suite of digital manufacturing tools

Machine Monitoring

Never question what’s happening on your factory floor again


Operational Analytics

Take your factory to the next level with data-driven decision making



Automatically notify the right people when issues occur


Andon Communication

Streamline shop floor communication & empower operators with support resources


Schedule preventative maintenance more accurately with usage-based data

Digital Tallysheets

Go paperless with digital production sheets


Try Amper on your shop floor—free for 30 days!

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