Automated Cycle Counts

Collect cycle counts with less work and more precision

Automate your cycle count data collection with Amper’s digital aggregator—no PLC integration needed. Collect data like OEE with higher accuracy and save your operators valuable time to spend on other tasks.

Eliminate production disruptions with self-install IoT devices

Amper's digital aggregator is a minimally invasive IoT device that can gather automated cycle counts. Simply identify (or create) a control signal that toggles on and off once per cycle and connect it to the digital aggregator.

Reduce operator input

Digital tally sheets will automatically populate with cycle count (part) data. That means less manual data entry for your operators, fewer errors, and more time for higher-value tasks.

Automatically calculate OEE

Once you add automated cycle counting with Amper’s digital aggregator, you can automatically calculate OEE. OEE is made up of availability, performance, and quality—all metrics Amper can easily track!

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