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Machine Monitoring

Collect real-time data on any machine type—no PLC integration required

Gain real-time visibility into your machines' uptime, OEE, downtime reasons, and more. Amper’s machine monitoring capabilities are just a part of our robust production monitoring solution and are the easiest and fastest way to connect your machine data to the rest of your shop data. Our machine monitoring capabilities include:

  1. 15-minute self-install IoT sensors
  2. Real-time utilization and OEE
  3. Downtime reason tracking

What is machine monitoring? Read more here

Install in minutes, not months

Our non-invasive sensors measure electrical activity, which means they can easily be clipped on externally. There’s no need for PLC integrations! 

Each sensor can be installed on any machine in about 10-15 minutes by one of your maintenance technicians, so you don't have to schedule onsite installation.

See what's going on at any moment with real-time machine data

Quickly see which machines are in production, track downtime reasons, measure good vs. scrap parts, understand OEE, and more—with just a glance at your Amper Scoreboard.

Add downtime context effortlessly

Get better production insights when you add context to  data. Amper's Operator Mode makes it easy for teams to add things like downtime reasons and more.

You'll finally get the answers you need to make improvements for higher capacity and efficiency.

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