Digital Hour-by-Hour Board

Set expectations for hourly operations

The Hour-by-Hour Board isn’t a new tool for most manufacturers. In fact, you probably have one of these on your shop floor right now—but we are certain it’s never been as accurate as Amper’s real-time Digital Hour-by-Hour Board.

The Digital Hour-by-Hour Board is the heartbeat of your operations. It helps you immediately identify any deviations from your hourly planned output (like utilization and cycle times), enabling prompt corrective actions.

✅ Prioritize jobs
✅ Troubleshoot
✅ Improve

See when a day is off to a slow start

Use the Digital Hour-by-Hour board to see if the day kicked off with a bit of a lag. In the image example, you can see it took an hour to get the gears turning. This initial delay is not just a number—it's an opportunity for you to understand and improve your start-up routines.

Identify fluctuating cycle times

You can also see when cycle times are not going as planned. In the image, you can see that between 9:30 AM and 12 PM, our cycle times varied significantly. They ranged from faster than expected to significantly under our target.

Insights like these are crucial. They highlight that underlying inefficiencies exist even when operations seem consistent. Identifying these patterns allows you to streamline processes and achieve more predictable outcomes.

Understand reasons for planned & unplanned downtime

On the Digital Hour-by-Hour board, you can see the top reasons for downtime within the hour. A notable observation in the image example, is that the machine was down due to a lunch break. While downtime is sometimes inevitable (like lunch breaks), you can also recognize opportunities for smarter time management. Could a cycle have been initiated pre-lunch to keep productivity up? This insight leads you to question if we're maximizing your operational potential at every turn.

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