Amper for P&L leaders

Better data, better business decisions

Achieve more with your existing investments, eliminate waste, and know exactly where to focus your capital for maximum business benefits. When you run your business with Amper data, you elevate your operations, customers, and profits.
Leader running a plant
“Amper’s data and analysis tools gave us a clear picture of where we needed capacity and exactly what type of machine to buy.”
Nick Sainati
GM, Belden Universal
in annual savings
$60K from increased machine uptime and labor savings
$50K from deferred investments

Run your business with more confidence

manufacturer looking at live plant data

Attract your ideal customers

Impress potential clients with your digitized plant, streamlined operations, and high-performance culture. Who wouldn’t choose a supplier that promises control, quality, and reliability? What’s more, attract the next workforce by modernizing your software systems.
  • Know what’s going on 24/7 with live data
  • Improve part quality with insights for effective CI
  • Give accurate timelines with job tracking
data on top and bottom performers

Quote and price just right

Understand if your standards are set up right, so you can quote correctly every time and boost margins.
  • Pinpoint and resolve routing issues
  • Check actual vs. projected performance
  • Identify where to make adjustments with ease
happy owner of a smooth operation

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Eliminate anything that doesn’t add value in your processes and use Amper to implement more lean practices.
  • Reduce overtime expenditures with streamlined ops
  • Delay pricey investments with improved capacity
  • Plan and forecast easily with accurate data

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a winning business

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