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Confidently orchestrate your entire production

Amper is the easiest production management solution for running an efficient and profitable plant.

Know where every element of your plant stands

every element of your shop connected through Amper

Clear plant data is your biggest asset.

We'll help you use it right.

Making sense of all your data can feel overwhelming. That’s why we built a product that organizes disconnected information and gives you the exact insights you need to advance your goals. Finally, your job is about to get easier.
taking control of your data, operator smiling on plant floor

Amper’s 3 elements for smooth operations

We’ve defined the pillars of operational excellence so you don’t have to.
animated gif of clamp installing

Fast implementation with self-install devices

Complex implementations are a thing of the past. Amper offers hassle-free methods to gather data without PLC integrations, enabling you to get insights within days while minimizing production interruptions and extra costs.
manager walking through plant getting real time updates

Powerful insights in an intuitive platform

Data + context = your plant’s ultimate tool. That's why we give you answers—not just data. Amper acts as a single source of truth, so you can effortlessly access the insights you need to run your plant (like a Magic 8 Ball, but better).
data popping up over view of plant operations

Clear path to operational excellence

Simplicity paves the way to a world-class plant. Amper’s hardware, software, and manufacturing experts make excellence so easy, you can finally say goodbye to all those operational headaches and never-ending fires.

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