Empower your desk-free workers

Connect siloed systems for a seamless experience

Simplify your teams’ tasks
by streamlining workflows, reporting, and support requests. When you integrate ERP systems and give everyone on the floor the tools they need, you’ll reduce time losses, maintenance costs, and disruptions. Who could complain about that?

Streamline every operator’s day-to-day

Improve your operators' experience
by integrating ERP system to consolidate interfaces. You can also automate data collection from Amper’s sensors. What does this mean? Your operators can now work out of a single interface and save hours of manual data entry!

Level up your maintenance systems

Help your team stay on top of all maintenance activities.
Transition to usage-based preventative maintenance, monitor task status in one location, escalate issues as they happen, and get a comprehensive view of your maintenance operations.

Support operators with Andon communication

Help operators call for assistance
from their posts, which reduces unnecessary movement and prevents disruptions. The instant notifications reduce operator wait times and allow you to hold your support resources accountable by identifying who responds quickly.

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