Build a high-performance culture

Bring visibility and accountability to your teams

Discover what your teams can really do
by tracking and recognizing performance. Use your data to improve team morale, identify coaching opportunities, and incentivize others to step it up and get their names on the “top performers” screen. Say hello to better labor retention and increased production output!

Hold support departments accountable with Call Teams

Set up real-time notifications
to inform support teams when operators need assistance. Track issue status, accelerate time to resolution, and measure response times to identify who responds within your set threshold.

Involve operators in reducing Late Starts/Early Stops

Measure and display time-to-first-piece,
so operators feel incentivized to improve the metric. The data is easily accessible to enable the whole team to reduce late starts/early stops and track the plant’s progress.

See how Master Power Transmission does it.

Track labor efficiency with Labor Metrics

Automatically calculate paid labor utilization
. See your hours of uptime per hour of paid labor and know how effective your operator to machine ratio is. With Labor Metrics, you can also reward your top performers and identify those who need more training.

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