Focus your continuous improvement efforts

Do more with your existing resources

Get the answers to your biggest “what ifs”
and use only what you need to break down operational barriers. The key? Comprehensive downtime data that helps you justify improvement projects, prioritize plans, and know for certain that you’re tackling the right challenges and making the biggest impact with the fewest resources.

Identify your 80/20 with dynamic OEE and Downtime Dashboards

Pinpoint what’s causing your biggest operational headaches
so you can start focusing on the things that really matter. Slice and dice data any way you want and create custom downtime codes for tailored analyses.

Quantify losses and CI impact with Cost Savings

Accurately see your costs and potential saving opportunities.
With actual dollar values, labor rate input, and automated reports, you can easily justify CI projects and calculate how much you’ll save with them.

Enhance downtime data with Operator Mode

Simplify how operators log downtime reasons
and customize codes to get the insights that matter the most. Plus, get a clear understanding of your planned and unplanned downtime.

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