Optimize scheduling and standards

Add confidence to your estimates and raise margins

Get the insights you need
to measure target vs. actual job quotes and leverage granular reports to see where your standards need adjusting. With this comprehensive data, you can finally understand how profitable you’ve been, which jobs might miss OTD, and increase accuracy for future job quotes.

Improve routings with part metrics

Discover the top and lowest performing parts
and update cycle times in your ERP to optimize routings for better predictions and quotes. Use granular reports to reveal how often you make a part and whether you’re losing money on it.

Quote better with automated cycle counts

Compare target vs. actual numbers
and adjust your quotes to be more accurate. Track automatic cycle counts (e.g. average cycle times and cycle counts by shift/machine) and update your ERP with better data.

Reveal production efficiency with the OEE dashboard

Get automated OEE summaries
to understand your production line’s efficiency. Answer big picture questions and prioritize improvement projects to address availability, performance, or quality issues as needed.

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