Control the day

composite of the Amper dashboard

Finally: Oversee everything at once with real-time answers

Tame your plant’s clunky data and frustrating surprises
by getting crucial production insights in real time. Forget about seeing reports a day late or relying on word-of-mouth to hear about problems.
When you get instant insights into machines, operators, and jobs, you can finally stop holding your breath and make data-driven adjustments to keep operations on track toward excellence.

Increase productivity with visual management boards

Know if you’re having a good or bad day
with just a glance. Amper’s Scoreboard displays job number, part count, utilization, and more. With all this in one place, everyone on the floor can easily spot issues and adjust quickly to meet daily goals.

Track real-time job progress with Target Tracker

See exactly how close you are to your production goals.
With Target Tracker’s data and projections, you can keep operators on track and accountable, direct your attention to lagging jobs, and give customers accurate timelines.

Avoid production surprises with automatic alerts

Set up real-time alerts so you never miss an issue again.
Custom alerts help you tackle issues instantly, prevent surprises, and avoid sending customers emails about delays because no one knew a machine was down.

Get answers quickly with timelines

Cut through the noise with clear production reports
to identify root causes. Because everyone’s tired of juggling ERP data, multiple meetings, and Excel sheets just to uncover problems.

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