Amper CEO Introduces the New Amper FactoryOS® | Live in Chicago

The Future of Manufacturing: What Is It and Who Gets It?

We’re thrilled to share with you the launch of our latest evolution: Amper FactoryOS.

What began as a solution to the widespread challenge of gathering data has now grown into a holistic approach that redefines how manufacturers run their factory.

Because, as our CEO Akshat Thirani likes to say, the future of manufacturing is already here—but it's not evenly distributed.

That means the best-in-class factories have the resources they need to integrate systems, analyze data, and drive efficiency and productivity.

But the real heart of U.S. manufacturing is in the small and medium-sized businesses, which represent 99% of the industry. These are the businesses that often lack access to the sophisticated analytics and integrations.

Because let's face it: digitization as it is today does not work for those with old machines, disparate payroll systems, and clunky ERPs. The IT is a pain to deploy, which means that manufacturers need a radically different approach to digitization.

With costs rising and an increasing skilled labor gap, being able to get more out of existing resources is more important than ever.

The Truth Beneath Machine Monitoring

So Amper was born out of the realization that collecting shop floor data was unnecessarily complicated. Our mission was clear: simplify production monitoring and eliminate the struggles with outdated methods like paper tally sheets and whiteboards. And we did.

But as we kept working closely with hundreds of manufacturers, a deeper truth emerged. These businesses, initially seeking solutions for production monitoring, actually needed much more. It wasn’t just about tracking machine uptime and downtime; it was about understanding the entire ecosystem of their operations.

And then we realized that the data we helped manufacturers collect wasn't as powerful as it could be if it were integrated with other critical business areas.

Customer information and financial data, housed in ERP systems, remained isolated. Workforce data wasn’t providing insights into coaching, payroll, or productivity.

Operators on the shop floor, who are the backbone of production, didn’t have a voice.

This siloed approach means manufacturers have an incomplete picture, leaving them mostly in the dark.

Introducing Amper FactoryOS: The End of Siloed Data

That's why we built the FactoryOS. To take this 99% of businesses to the next level with a complete picture and tools to solve problems. To deliver a holistic and clear view of their operations.

Amper FactoryOS is a system that does so much more than just monitoring assets. It collects machine, people, job, and ERP data. It then contextualizes that information to tell you how asset performance is impacting productivity and revenue.

It’s no longer just about utilization or cycle counts or downtime drivers. It’s how much more money could each machine be making you. It’s how many days are left in a job. It’s finding out if standards and quoting are accurate. It’s integrating departments by connecting plant managers, operations, and finance. It's answers—not just data.

But in the end, FactoryOS is not just a product. It's our commitment to a smarter, more connected, and human-centric approach to manufacturing.

Because smart factories run on Amper.

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