Amper Unveils the FactoryOS

[Chicago, Jan. 30 2024] — Amper Technologies, a leading innovator in manufacturing solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Amper FactoryOS®, a groundbreaking evolution of their  software.

At the core of Amper FactoryOS is the goal to address siloed data in the manufacturing space. As such, FactoryOS serves as a manufacturer’s mission control for their plant. It offers a single platform to seamlessly integrate and interpret data from across the shop floor: jobs, people, machines, and systems. That means manufacturers can finally get a comprehensive and contextualized view of their production landscape.

The evolved product empowers decision-makers with a single source of truth, providing insights that go beyond raw data. From making confident CapEx decisions to hiring the right talent at the right time, understanding job costs, and running operations more efficiently, Amper FactoryOS ensures manufacturers are equipped to navigate the complexities and volatility of modern production.

From the shop floor to the front door, Amper FactoryOS positions manufacturers to lead the business they've always dreamed of. Experience the future with Amper FactoryOS, where you can finally get answers—not just data.

About Amper

Amper is a pioneering force in manufacturing solutions, dedicated to empowering manufacturers with innovative tools to enhance efficiency, make informed decisions, and achieve operational excellence. Learn more at

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