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The Amper Way

Your proven roadmap to world-class operations

Overwhelmed at the thought of implementing new technology? We’re changing that.

The Amper Way breaks down the adoption process into five guided, easy-to-implement phases. We promise you’ll derive value from every single step and build for long-term success.

The perks of this path

Our approach makes implementation doable for every manufacturer by breaking down barriers to streamlined operations.
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Bypass PLC integrations
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Install in 15 minutes
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Hook up to any machine (any age, any type)
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The pillars of the Amper Way

The Amper Way is built on the understanding that every factory is unique in its objectives, needs, and resources. Because digital transformation is about more than just new software or processes: It’s a holistic approach to success.

Embrace your pace: Every factory has different objectives, time, and skill sets. Moving at a pace that makes sense for you—rather than forcing an unrealistic timeline—will contribute to successful adoption.

Prioritize adoption: Focusing on adoption gets key players involved, reduces the bandwidth needed for each phase, and establishes sustained value through change management. That way, all team members are on board and set up to realize maximum benefits.

Derive value at every step: No matter what phase of the journey you are in or how long you’re in it, the Amper Way guarantees value and ROI at every stage by suggesting steps and projects to improve operations (and, ultimately, profits).

Add crucial context: Data is great, but context is better. Without the big picture—drawn from personal experience, industry knowledge, and nuance—it’s easy to misinterpret or misuse data. With incorrect conclusions, only ineffective solutions will follow.

Seek answers over information: At the end of the day, numbers should provide answers and actionable insights so that you can make better-informed business decisions.

Explore the phases

Level up your operations confidently with a clear path forward.
No guesswork, no hassle—just maximum value.
Phase 1, measure utilization
phase 1

Measure true utilization​

The first phase of the Amper Way delivers instant ways to understand and improve your factory. Measure utilization and empower operators with helpful tools to establish a baseline for progress and to later track OEE if that's one of your goals. Identify inefficiencies, understand shift performance, and maximize capacity, plus use your real-time data to be in control of your day.

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Phase 2, capacity and efficiency
phase 2

Increase capacity & efficiency

Data is great—but context is better! Involve your operators in this phase to better understand shop activity and main downtime reasons, differentiate between planned and unplanned downtime, and encourage team buy-in for smoother adoption. Find out which downtime drivers are costing you the most, how a given day compares to the quarter, and what areas need to be improved first.

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Phase 3, track paid labor
phase 3

Track paid labor

This phase will help you find out how efficient your labor is. By tracking setups and paid labor utilization, you can identify inefficiencies caused by labor management issues and take steps to improve them. Optimizing paid labor utilization can justify more hires, change SOPs, and maximize capacity. Also find out which operators are most productive, whether you need to hire any more, and which setups are taking the longest.

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Phase 4, monitor OEE
phase 4

Monitor OEE & output

Leverage digital tools to uncover details about your production output. Track OEE to identify bottlenecks, optimize production scheduling, improve maintenance practices, and increase the efficiency of your production line. You'll also discover answers to questions like whether you are producing pieces in a timely manner, hitting your throughput goals, staying on track to meet production goals, and much more.

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Phase 5, integrate with your ERP
phase 5

Augment existing systems

Break down silos by connecting your entire shop floor and improving the software that you already use to run your business (like an ERP) or replacing it altogether. In this phase, you'll be able to eliminate manual data entry and optimize maintenance schedules. Discover if you need to charge customers more to run a certain part, which machines break down more frequently, and other data to run your plant better.

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