Amper 30-Day Free Pilot Program*

Try the industry’s simplest machine monitoring solution on 2 of your machines.

Why try Amper’s Pilot Program?

What's in the Box?

Amper’s trial box has everything you need to get started with Amper on 2 CNC machines.
You’ll get installation instructions and 2 of everything you see below:

CAT 5 Cable
Power Supply Cable

Amper’s Pilot Program Includes:

machine downtime tracking software
No more manual reporting
"The technology works out-of-the-box and can be installed by a maintenance technician. The best part? Amper’s solution produced actionable insights within 2 weeks of implementation."

What to expect during the pilot

Deployment in less than 30 minutes
Rich visualization and powerful software capabilities
Resources for training and guidance
Accurate utilization baseline and real-time visibility into 2 machines

*Pilot eligibility requirements
In order to be eligible for our pilot program, you must have all of the following: 

Unleash your factory potential.