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What is Amper?

Amper’s non-invasive IoT solution converts the electrical heartbeat of any machine into real-time data to help you optimize job costing, reduce unplanned downtime, automate production reports and acceleate set up times.

Run your factory smarter with Amper's manufacturing analytics solution

Amper gives you everything you need to turn your shop floor into a predictable, productive, turnkey operation. By automatically capturing OEE data, we give you a detailed roadmap for optimizing your people, processes and equipment. You get actionable insights, real-time visibility, and empowered operators—adding up to reliable, on-time deliveries and happier customers.

While using Amper, you will gain these four key advantages to maintain and improve your factory floor.

Meet Daily Production Goals

Never miss another commitment to a customer! Our system provides real-time visibility that will keep you ahead of machine downtime, issue escalations and hitches in your work processes.

Cultivate Better Managers

Because Amper provides individualized insights into each machine and operator, managers are empowered to become informed, engaged coaches and goal-setters.

Digitize Your Factory Floor

Ditch the old-school pens and paper–and add precious time back into everyone’s day using automated, always-accurate tools.

Continuous Improvement

Armed with up-to-the-minute intelligence, you can confidently make knowledgeable decisions regarding improvement projects, pricing, equipment upgrades–even staffing.

Don Dumoulin

CEO, Precise Tooling Solutions

“When we were out looking for a machine monitoring system, we had to make sure there would be a positive ROI for us. We cared about pricing, ease of implementation and the simplicity of reporting. Of the 3 solutions we looked at, Amper was the best across the board.”

Nick Sainanti

GM, Belden Universal

“The technology works out-of-the-box and can be installed by a maintenance technician. The best part? Amper’s solution produced actionable insights within 2 weeks of implementation.”

Hear what our customers have to say

Our customers love working with us because they want a solution they can trust. That’s why Amper offers a free pilot trial program to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Industry's simplest OEE tracking & analytics tool

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