Schleifring Medical Systems

Precision machining in the medical industry
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  • 25+
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Factory Size

  • 80,000+ sq ft
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  • Elgin, IL
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Company Overview

Schleifring Medical Systems (SMS) offers a wide range of precision machining, assembly and project management services to customers in the medical industry. Located in a modern, 80,000 square-foot facility in Elgin, Illinois, its jobs range from rapid prototypes and short runs to productions runs. SMS takes pride in producing high-quality products that are delivered cost-effectively and on time. An ISO9001:2015 certified company, SMS is passionate about continuously improving the quality of its products and services–and the effectiveness of its quality management system.


Key Highlights

Charles Morley, President of SMS, and his team evaluated no fewer than 17 systems before choosing Amper. For SMS, the four greatest advantages of Amper are:

Facilitating preventive machine maintenance

Shortening setup and changeover times

• Scheduling jobs more accurately and confidently

Reducing lead times, which improves customer satisfaction

Charles Morley appeared on an episode of the MakingChips podcast with Amper CEO, Akshat Thirani. Listen to learn how SMS implemented Amper or download the case study below.

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“Amper’s support team is out there every day helping customers use the system better–nobody else does that.”

Charles Morley, President, SMS

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