About Amper

Building the FactoryOS

We're on a mission to build the next generation of factories. How? By building the world's first FactoryOS™ to empower manufacturers and remedy disconnected systems. It's time for every manufacturer to connect, execute, and transform their operations. 


👋 Meet the Team 

We’re passionate about building the next generation of factories. 

Akshat Thirani

CEO & Co-Founder

Philip House

CTO & Co-Founder

Jacob Ciccarelli

VP of Sales

Abby Baumann

Director of Product Marketing

Allison Heil

Head of Customer Success

Joseph Mazrimas

Head of Product

Justice Reed

Head of Hardware

Jacob Robinson

Director of Demand Generation

Callie Alton

Customer Success Engineer

Joel Blachman

Operations & Finance Lead

Ketan Butte

Data Analyst

Maya Carter

Customer Success Engineer

Mike Charney

Account Executive

Alisa Chu

Sales Executive

Chris Forte

Software Engineer
Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Account Executive

Katrina Keyes

Account Executive
customer success engineer

Brian Maxwell

Customer Success Engineer

Ainsley McGrath

Software Engineer

Morgan McDonald

Customer Success Engineer

Walter Monterroso

Customer Support Engineer

Becca Garcia Moreno

Content Marketing Manager

David Okrzesik

Customer Success Engineer

Tatiana Orlova

Head of Data Science

Will Patton

Sales Executive

Tara Richardson

Associate Software Engineer

Prasanna Sundarajan

Data Analyst

Satu Trivedi

Lead Product Manager

Jake Wilson

Sales Executive

Michael Yep

Customer Success Engineer

Thomas Zack

Sales Enablement Manager

Join Us

We are a fast-growing start-up with venture capital and are seeking ambitious individuals to join our team to help define the digital factory and supply chain.

Amper is based in Chicago and we are expanding our team to keep up with our growing base of customers. We offer competitive salaries, stock options, health insurance, and flexible PTO.

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