A new production monitoring system to transform your shop floor

Amper provides you with the digital tools you need to track, improve and run your factory.

factory operating system

Take your factory to the next level

How it works

No PLC upgrades. No IT integration. No interruptions.
iiot sensor

1. Install non-invasive sensors to the power supply

manufacturing operating system hardware

2. Connect to cellular or Wi-Fi Gateway and allow for system calibration

factory operating system reporting

3. Access operational analytics from any device

Elevate your factory with Amper's suite of digital tools

Machine Monitoring

Never question what’s happening on your factory floor again


Operational Analytics

Take your factory to the next level with data-driven decision making



Automatically notify the right people when issues occur


Andon Communication

Streamline shop floor communication & empower operators with support resources


Schedule preventative maintenance more accurately with usage-based data

Digital Tallysheets

Go paperless with digital production sheets


Gain a dedicated Customer Success Engineer with Amper's solution

Work with Six Sigma-Certified Customer Success Engineers to help you implement Amper & launch your lean strategies

Depending on your company’s specific goals, here’s how you can expect to work with the Amper Customer Success team throughout implementation and ongoing optimization:

• Monthly scheduled success meetings

• Personalized project suggestions

• Ongoing training for you and your team

• Technical support

manufacturing customer success

On-demand training & continuous development

manufacturing learning hub
Stay up-to-date with the latest product features and use cases with full access to the Amper Learning Hub

• Extensive implementation documentation
  with project planning timelines

• Training videos for admins & operators

• Suggestions for common CI projects

• New product releases

• And more!

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Amper answers the question of which machines are running vs in setup, vs unexpectedly down in real time. The reporting features also allow you to go back in time to analyze data and understand your shop’s performance and capacity in more granular detail.


I know that Amper has been easier to install and interact with than other products that my company has tried in the past. The customer service experience is really good with Amper. They keep working with [you] beyond the implementation stage.


In manufacturing you hear that “this machine is down” or “that machine is down”—all of the time. But what is really important is what are the reasons ‘why” the machine is down. Amper gives us that data and quantifies where the problem areas are so we can schedule to work on them.

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