OEE & Machine Monitoring

easy to use oee tracking machine monitoring

Amper is the industry’s simplest real-time OEE tracking and analytics tool designed to help precision manufacturers elevate their factories.

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See real-time snapshots of your factory floor

Never question what's going on in your factory again. Real-time dashboards show you what is happening on your machines like OEE and machine downtime. Easily dive into the data to see utilization metrics by day, machine, part and part number.

OEE utilization dashboard

Track downtime reasons & conduct root cause analysis

Collect shop floor data and fully understand reasons for downtime. With a few clicks of a button, dive into your main reasons for downtime. With 3-tier analysis tool, you can understand what shift, machines and/or operators are struggling with those issues.

machine downtime tracking software

Identify continuous improvement initiatives

Executive-level reporting helps you track long-term KPIs, justify CapEx spending, determine cost-saving projects and track utilization & capacity over time.


Reduce setup & changeover times

Use the Setup module to see how long overall setups & changeovers take. Create standardized steps to maintain SOPs and measure how long each step takes by operator, machine and part number. Identify stalls in the process to fix problem areas and accelerate the changeover process.

Reduce setup times

Escalate issues with alerts

Automatically notify the right people when a machine goes down. Send escalation alerts via text or email when the problem persists after a fixed time period.

escalation alerts amper

Empower operators to get support resources

Streamline shop floor communication with andon call features. When issues occur, easily call the right team without leaving your station. Track response times to see how long it takes for the issue to be resolved.

Andon call

Go paperless with digital production reports

With Amper's daily production report, you can say goodbye to paper tally sheets and white boards. Use the out-of-the-box report, or add custom fields to fit your factory's needs. Receive a CSV version of the report in your inbox every morning.

custom fields

Deploy a PM schedule based on true utilization hours

Schedule preventative maintenance more accurately with usage-based data. Avoid over-maintenance and expensive repairs.


Plug-and-play hardware
right out of the box


Non-Invasive Sensor

Read electrical signals directly from the machine.



Store data locally and securely.


Cellular Gateway

Transmit data to the cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi.



Link components with included cables.