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Operational Analytics & Reporting

Take your factory to the next level with data-driven decision making

Say goodbye to data compilation

Easily dive into visual data on a weekly, quarterly or yearly basis. No more compiling weeks’ worth of data. Save an average of 45 minutes a day.

manufacturing analytics
utilization reporting

Understand true production capacity

Report on long-term utilization to justify Capex or hiring decisions. Choose to analyze true Capacity or Performance which subtracts planned downtime like lunches, vacation or holidays.

“Amper’s utilization data showed us that we had inadequate turret punch capacity. Because of this data, we were able to justify purchasing another turret punch machine, which resulted in the insourcing of over $300K of purchased parts.”

Erik Anderson, Director of Operations and Supply Chain, Leer

Pinpoint root causes for downtime

Dive into the main reasons for downtime. With our 3-tier analysis tool, understand what shift, machines and/or operators are struggling with what issues.

downtime reason analytics

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