Metal finishing, dip spin coating and fastener sorting
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  • 200+
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Factory Size

  • 200,000 sq ft
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  • Addison, IL
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  • 30

Company Overview

SWD Inc. is a recognized leader in the metal finishing, dip spin coating and fastener sorting industry. Located in the Chicago area, the 40-year-old company employs about 200 workers and operates three shifts. It runs more than 30 specialized sorting machines out of its 200,000 square foot facility.

Despite its visionary leadership and meticulous attention to detail, until recently, SWD struggled with tracking machine downtime and set-up times. That changed in January 2019, when the company implemented Amper’s machine monitoring solution.


Key Highlights

“Immediately, our level of insight increased, and the quality of our data improved,” says Karme Molina, SWD Operations Transformation Leader. SWD also noticed using Amper that they were able to:

Save 4.6 hours a week by managers collecting data

• Identify where unexpected levels of downtime were occurring

Reduce the amount of down time on machines

• Have increased oversight throughout the entire factory

• Set standards measuring set-up times to improve overall accountability

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“Amper reduced the amount of time managers spend collecting data from up to five hours per week to just 20 minutes per week—and the customer service is really good.”


Karyme Molina, Operations Transformation Leader

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