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Leadership Meets Machine Monitoring: 3 Takeaways From PBC Linear’s Executive VP on MakingChips

A few weeks ago, Amper customer PBC Linear joined our CEO Akshat Thirani on the MakingChips podcast to discuss how machine monitoring and business leadership come together. Check out our biggest takeaways!

  1. Being a good leader means always looking to improve the business. They need to understand where the business stands, which operations can improve, what technologies could help and how to do more with less.
  2. Collecting accurate data lays the foundation for growth. Actionable data provides a performance baseline against which to measure incremental progress toward a goal.
  3. Making data-driven business decisions will propel a company further. When you know what’s happening on your shop floor with great accuracy, you can then be confident that your decisions address the true needs of the business.

PBC Linear has a goal to double the size of the business in the next 5 years. Executive Vice President Tom Schroeder tried several technologies to drive efficiency and growth until he found the one that was easiest to implement, scale and leverage to meet his goals: Amper.

“How could you possibly know if things are running if you’ve got that much space, that much equipment, that many people? How can you know if they’re running efficiently? So that’s when we started to look into machine monitoring.” — Tom Schroeder, Executive VP, PBC Linear

With Amper, Tom can now pull accurate data from his shop floor to back business decisions. He can track utilization, log downtime hours and reasons, get automated reports to present to the board—without leaving his desk.

To find out more about how Tom leveraged data and analytics to grow his business, listen to the full MakingChips episode:

Be sure to check out everything PBC Linear is doing and explore more of MakingChips!


What inspired Tom Schroeder to look for a machine monitoring solution? [21:44–22:25]

What was the objective of measuring and monitoring? [26:56-28:00]

What pain points can Amper solve? [29:36–30:29] and [38:57–39:12]


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