machine monitoring
Machine Monitoring

Never question what’s going on in your factory again

Collect real-time data on any machine type—
no PLC integration required

real time machine monitoring
How it works
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Power Cable


CAT-5 Cable

machine monitoring sensor

Installation is simple

Increase productivity with visual management boards

At a glance, easily understand what machines are currently in production, downtime reasons, good vs. scrap parts, OEE and more.

“To have all this data in real-time at our fingertips… I just couldn’t live without [Amper] at this point.”

Nick Sinati, President of Belden Universal, MakingChips Podcast

machine monitoring scoreboards
machine downtime reasons

Track downtime reasons

When a machine goes down, operators can log downtime reasons. Monitor which operators are logging reason codes or get notified if labels aren’t promptly applied.

Report on utilization regardless of variable production time

Indicate whether a machine is scheduled to run a certain day or shift. Easily mass label downtime instances like holidays or other scheduled plant shutdowns. Remove certain downtime reason codes like Setup, Lunch or Holiday from your overall available production time.

downtime tracking system

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