Global Precision Parts

Precision Manufacturing
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  • 161
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Factory Size

  • 155,000 sq ft
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  • Ohio & Indiana
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  • 200

Company Overview

Global Precision Parts (GPP) is an international market leader in precision machined parts. GPP has three manufacturing facilities—two in Ohio, one in Indiana—totaling more than 155,000 square feet of space. GPP has 161 employees and operates more than 200 machines.

GPP offers multiple capabilities, including multi-spindle, CNC and hydromat solutions. It serves a range of industries, including automotive, fluid power, HVAC, industrial equipment, plumbing, electrical, construction and more. GPP prides itself on exceeding expectations—which is why management implemented Amper’s machine monitoring system in the first place.  



Key Highlights

GPP was using Amper’s solution to collect machine utilization data, but wanted to take it a step further. 

• Started using utilization data to measure paid labor utilization

• For every hour of labor paid, they wanted to see either 2 hours of machine uptime or 1 hour of setup

• After the initiative, GPP increased their machine utilization by 10%

• Paid labor utilization averaged 100% or more

• GPP’s operator-to-machine ratio rose from 1:2 to 1:6

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“When we started this initiative with Amper, we were about 80% of what we were paying and turning into production. We now average over 100% every single week of paid production.” 

Michael Abbot, Plant Manager, GPP

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