GMD Surfaces

Stone Fabrication

Company Overview

GMD Surfaces is one of Chicago’s leading suppliers/fabricators of stone products, including granite, marble, quartzite, engineered stone and more. GMD Surfaces works closely with residential and commercial customers to craft custom countertops, fireplaces, flooring, wall tile and other specialty items, all made to order. Over the last two decades, GMD Surfaces has built a successful business by offering high-quality products, leveraging advanced technology and providing expert, meticulous craftsmanship. However, the rapid growth in sales generated by increased demand for the company’s products created challenges in the factory and left production struggling to keep up. In an effort to increase production capacity and efficiency, GMD Surfaces management began exploring factory operating systems, ultimately choosing Amper, a fellow Chicago company.

Key Highlights

Within the first five months of implementing Amper, GMD Surfaces saw improvement within their factory, including:

• Improved overall productivity by 6%

• Reduced mechanical breakdowns by 34%

• Reduced monthly overtime hours by 28%

• Identified several key causes of downtime and rectified them


“In our industry, the cost of doing business varies a lot depending on the size of the shop and its operation. However, one thing big shops and small shops have in common is that using technology helps bring down costs and make operations leaner. Using Amper is one of the best ways to achieve that because shops of all sizes want to run their machines as long and as efficiently as possible.”

Omar Chahin, CEO, GMD Surfaces

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