Destaco - Mt. Juliet

Global industrial products manufacturer
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  • 134
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Factory Size

  • 160,000+ sq ft
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  • Mt. Juliet, TN
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  • 30

Company Overview

Destaco is a Dover company located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee and a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance automation, workholding, and remote handling solutions. The company serves customers in a variety of end-markets, including the automotive, life sciences, consumer goods, packaging, aerospace, and nuclear sectors.


Key Highlights

The Destaco team at Mt. Juliet primarily used Amper to monitor utilization and downtime. However, the team wanted to explore lights-out production to help cut labor costs and increase overall throughput. The team:  

Automatically tracked utilization data using Amper, without the hassle of overtime or paperwork

Tested lights-out with Amper over 8 weeks

Found that their machines could maintain solid utilization numbersproviding an extra 4 hours of capacity  each day

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“Amper played a pivotal role in helping us test lights-out production. Because we could collect the data automatically, it saved us time, paperwork and money. That data helped us prove lights-out production could work for us and justified an investment for 2 more machines.” 


Continuous Improvement Manager, Destaco-Mt. Juliet

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