FEATURED CONTENT: Leer Inc. Case Study
How to Use Amper to Make Informed Machine Purchases
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How to Use Amper to Improve Productivity and Labor Management
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FEATURED CONTENT: Destaco Case Study
How to Use Amper to Justify Lights-Out Production & Capex Decisions
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Learn how manufacturers of all sizes use Amper to track their factory in real-time, increase capacity and meet on-time delivery targets.

Amper Customer Case Studies
Accurate real-time data to collect for Belden Universal manufacturing facility

Belden Universal

Belden Universal, a high-mix low-volume machine shop struggled to set goals and identify improvement projects. Read the case study to learn why the company turned to Amper’s solution to help.

Leer Inc.

Learn how Amper's manufacturing operating system helped Leer stop outsourcing and justify the purchase of another machine.

Schleifring SMS Medical Systems on Lathe machine Making Chips Podcast Charles Morley

Schleifring Medical

Find out why Schleifring Medical Systems (SMS) chose Amper after evaluating no fewer than 17 solutions.

United Machine Works using tablet to track downtime codes on their factory floor


Precision CNC machine shop, UMW, sought out Amper to help automate the data collection process. Hear the team describe how they currently use Amper in this video case study.

Fusion OEM Manufacturing Floor collecting data for CNC machines

Fusion OEM

High-mix, low- volume manufacturer, Fusion OEM was able to maximize utilization and reduce costs with Amper. Watch the video to learn how.

SWD Inc automating data through Amper's OEE & tracking software

SWD Inc.

Learn how SWD used Amper to automate their data collection, improve data quality and save managers over 4 hours per week.

Mitotec Precision on time precise data, monitor data and downtime reasons for each machine


Mitotec used Amper to achieve on-time delivery and cost targets by optimizing their machine uptime using Amper. Find out how.

Implement, discuss data, and solve problems for Precise Tooling Solutions American Mold Builders Association

Precise Tooling Solutions

In this case study, Don Dumoulin, Owner & CEO of Precise Tooling Solutions, discusses his company’s journey to find and implement a machine monitoring solution to collect true spindle time and track downtime.

Destaco a dover company lights-out production labor costs increase throughput

Destaco - a Dover company

The team at Mt. Juliet wanted to explore lights-out production to help cut labor costs and increase overall throughput. In the case study, find out how they used Amper to do this, while justifying an investment for 2 more machines.

Global Precision Parts CNC machine Amper hardware strategy good quality leverage goals

Global Precision Parts (GPP)

Learn how GPP used Amper to measure paid labor utilization and increase their operator-to-machine-ratio from 1:2 to 1:6.

end-to-end machine monitoring for CSI Group customer demand custom alerts reduce response time case study


Using Amper, CSI Group reduced their response time to downtime events by 30%. Read the case study to find out more about CSI's success with Amper.

Featured Podcast:

Check out this episode of the MakingChips podcast to hear Amper customer, Charles Morley of SMS, discuss his journey to find a shop floor tracking system.

Amper Testimonials

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Nick S.
Nick S.
General Manager
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Amper answers the question of which machines are running vs in setup, vs unexpectedly down in real time. The reporting features also allow you to go back in time to analyze data and understand your shop's performance and capacity in more granular detail.

Karyme M.
Karyme M.
Operations Transformation Leader
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I know that Amper has been easier to install and interact with than other products that my company has tried in the past. The customer service experience is really good with Amper. They keep working with [you] beyond the implementation stage.

Bob F.
Bob F.
Operations Manager
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In manufacturing you hear allot that this machine is down allot. But what really is allot and what are the reason codes 'why" the machine was down. Amper gives us that data that quantifies where the problem areas are so you can schedule to work on them.
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