Learn how manufacturers of all sizes use Amper to track their factory in real time, increase capacity and meet on-time delivery targets.

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The Amper Journey Starts with Data

“I had no visibility into whether my half-million-dollar machines were running or not unless I was out on the floor standing in front of them with a stopwatch.”
— Nick Sainati, GM, Belden Universal

Hear how Belden’s General Manager and Production Manager ditched the guesswork and turned to Amper for real-time insights—and answers.

Mitotec Precision
Driving Improvements through Data—and Saving $1.4M in Less than a Year
ASH Industries
How One Plastics Manufacturer Saves $1.5M per Year by Tracking & Leveraging Data

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Plastics Manufacturer saves $1.5 million dollars using Amper
ASH Industries
How One Plastics Manufacturer Saves $1.5M per Year by Tracking & Leveraging Data
Prior to implementing Amper’s production monitoring system, ASH was collecting machine data manually—a labor intensive, often-inaccurate process…
Belden Universal
How to Regain Wasted Capacity—and Defer Machine Purchases
Within two weeks of using Amper’s monitoring system, Belden began reaping real-time visibility into machine status and utilization resulting in an immediate productivity increase…
Destaco – A Dover Company
How to Use Amper to Justify Lights Out Production & Capex Decisions
The team at Destaco wanted to explore lights-out production to help cut labor costs and increase overall throughput. They were also able to justify the purchase of 2 more machines with the data from Amper…
Global Precision Parts (GPP)
How to Use Amper to Improve Productivity & Labor Management
When GPP implemented Amper’s OEE tracking system, management did it right. That included involving their most influential operators from day one, earning their early buy-in…
GMD Surfaces
How Stone Manufacturers Can Overcome “Growing Pains” by Tracking Productivity Data
Almost immediately, GMD Surfaces’ overall utilization improved. In under 5 months, the baseline of 43% rose to 55%. Specially, utilization of GMD Surfaces’ Titan—which started at 43%—rose to 63% during that time period…
Leer Inc.
How to Use Amper to Make Informed Machine Purchases
As soon as Leer began publishing utilization numbers from Amper, they were able to improve 10-15% on their machines, resulting in the justification of purchasing a second Panel Bender for their shop-floor…
Mitotec Precision
Driving Improvements through Data—and Saving $1.4M in Less than a Year
After testing out Amper’s free trial program, Mitotec deployed Amper to help them pinpoint why and where downtime was occurring, allowing them to remedy these issues through CI initiatives…
Precise Tooling Solutions
How Machine Monitoring Can Drive Continuous Improvement
Eight months after installing Amper, Precise has made changes that have significantly improved machine uptime. By training their machinists to enter accurate codes explaining why a machine was down…
SWD Inc.
Increase Accountability & Reduce Time Spent on Data Collection
The SWD team recognized that in order to improve efficiency, they had to be able to measure it. The company needed a machine monitoring system that would alert them to equipment breakdowns in real-time…
Schleifring Medical Systems (SMS)
How Amper can Leverage the Power of Data in Medical Manufacturing
SMS evaluated no fewer than 17 systems before choosing Amper. Many of them, they found, offered high barriers to entry, but with Amper they were able to see data quickly resulting in…
Transforming and Automating Data Collection on the Shop Floor
Seeking a solution to help automate data collection on the factory floor, UMW implemented Amper. They chose to partner with Amper for logging downtime reason codes, tracking setup process and…
CSI Group
Increasing Uptime Using Real-Time Machine Monitoring
After a quick installation which required no PLC upgrades or IT integration and just 1 maintenance technician, Amper’s real-time dashboards and downtime alerts provided CSI with critical visibility into…
Fusion OEM
Save Time and Money Through Automation with Amper
Fusion OEM deals with constant setups and changeovers. With Amper, Fusion OEM was able to maximize utilization and reduce costs, which helps ensure on-time delivery and lower prices for their customers…
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