CSI Group

Precision component contract manufacturer
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  • 30+
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Factory Size

  • 28,000+ sq ft
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  • Westborough, MA
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  • 35

Company Overview

CSI Group is a world-class manufacturer, providing complex precision components to customers primarily in the aerospace, defense, and medical markets. CSI Group is located in Westborough, MA, and has 35 machines with various capabilities throughout their factory.


Key Highlights

CSI has always distinguished itself by consistently delivering high-quality products with quick turnaround time. However, an increase in customer demand put a pressure on an already tight production schedule, leaving them urgently searching for a solution like Amper. Some results they’ve seen after using Amper are:

30% decrease in response rate to downtime

Reduced downtime by 1-4 hours for each machine per week

• Saved $180k on PLC upgrade and IT installation costs

Increased daily productivity by 20%

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“Amper provided us with the real-time visibility we needed to switch to lights-out production and meet increased demand from our customers.”

CSI Plant Manager

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