Transforming and automating data collection on the shop floor

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Company overview

UMW, Inc. is a precision machining facility located in Schaumburg, IL. UMW has around 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space between 2 buildings with 25 CNC machines.

Key highlights

UMW struggled with slow and inaccurate data collection. The company sought out a solution that could help automate this process, but it ultimately transformed the way they were running their factory. After implementing Amper across their machines, they:

  • Saved 8-10 hours per week on data collection
  • Increased accountability for operators
  • Gave employees a sense of ownership over the metrics they were evaluated on
  • Simplified the process for reporting issues
  • Gained real-time visibility and greater control over operations
“I like Amper because you can personalize the system to meet your needs. You don’t have to use all the features available right out of the gate. As your team adopts the software, you can add in the system’s additional functionality.”

— Armen B. Muradyan, General Manager