How machine monitoring can drive continuous improvement

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Company overview

Precise Tooling Solutions Inc. of Columbus, Indiana, designs, builds, and repairs injection tooling for both thermoplastic and thermoset molding.

The 42-year-old company is known for its expertise in tight-tolerance tools for automotive lighting. It also uses its CNC machining capabilities to produce a variety of machined parts, including its ErgoSmart custom-configured, adjustable-height workstations and lift tables and its ViralBarrier worker-protection barriers.

Key highlights

Precise Tooling sought an affordable, effective, and easily-installed manufacturing analytics system that would be capable of quickly delivering actionable reports for the entire team. The manufacturer then:

  • Developed a checklist of key attributes they wanted in an OEE tracking system
  • Selected Amper after evaluating at least 5 different solutions
  • Used just 8 months of data to identify several improvement opportunities for machine utilization and efficiency
We were so surprised but pleased to find someone approaching machine monitoring in a different way. With Amper’s SaaS business model, there’s no sunk capital while you wait and hope that the data you get out can help you. Their simple and affordable pricing makes 100% sense for our industry.

— Kyle Rutan, Manufacturing Manager