Belden Universal

CNC machining
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  • 45+
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Factory Size

  •  40,000 sq ft
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  • Hillside, IL
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  • 22

Company Overview

Belden Universal is a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard and special-purpose universal joints, drive shaft assemblies and couplings. The company—which now has a sales office in Germany—has 46 employees operating 22 CNC machines, primarily high-precision conventional and Swiss type CNC turning centers. Belden’s commitment to quality is reflected in its multiple certifications, industry awards and rigorous adherence to TQM principles.


Key Highlights

Belden decided to digitize their daily production and OEE reporting to save time, increase visibility, and have data to drive lean manufacturing initiatives.

• Within two weeks of implementing Amper, Belden began reaping real-time visibility into machine status and utilization.

• Amper data revealed three major downtime culprits, which allowed the team to launch continuous improvement programs that yielded $60,000 in annual increased machine uptime and labor savings.

• Belden was able to delay buying two machines, saving $50,000 in annual interest expenses alone.

• Amper’s factory operating system has helped Belden recover hours of capacity that’s added up to a 10x ROI on its Amper purchase.


“Many of the solutions we looked at required us to shut down production of a machine for several hours or even days to facilitate the required integration. We had Amper up and running on all of our machines after one day—with no need to stop production.”

Nick Sainati, General Manager, Belden

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