ASH Industries

Injection Molding
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  • 90
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Factory Size

  • 40,000+ sq ft
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  • Lafayette, LA
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  • 19

Company Overview

Louisiana-based ASH Industries is a leader in the rapid mold-making and thermoplastic injection-molding industry. Founded in 1991, the manufacturer employs 90 workers and operates 19 injection molding machines. ASH serves a number of markets, including the medical, defense and electronics industries, making everything from surgical devices to structural components for laser light shows.

ASH’s strength lies in its engineering knowledge, technical expertise and driving desire to wow customers. ASH’s management is committed to continuous improvement––such as investing in new materials and equipment and embracing processes like JIT and TOC.

However, before adopting Amper, the manufacturer wasn’t able to use machine data to drive its CI initiatives, which severely hampered its efforts.


Key Highlights

Impressed with Amper’s ease of implementation, low cost of entry and passion for the injection-molding industry, ASH decided to do Amper’s free trial program. Before the month’s trial was over, ASH made the decision to deploy Amper across all of it’s injection-molding machinery, leading to:

• An ROI in just 4 weeks

• 10% decrease in downtime

• 20% increase in utilization

• Savings of $1.5M a year


“Just being able to see machines that are running without manually tracking proved so useful. We see tremendous value from utilization and live statuses—and now the data reports are integrated into our structures around KPIs.”

Stefan Clement, Data & Systems Analyst, ASH Industries

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