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“With Amper, we were able to bump utilization of our second Panel Bender from 20% to 55%. Our main line went from 40% to 65%—and we’ve identified several opportunities to improve on both lines in the coming year.”
Erik Anderson, Director of Operations & Supply Chain, Leer Inc.

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Amper’s trial box has everything you need to get started with Amper on 2 machines.
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CAT 5 Cable
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What to expect during the pilot
Deployment in less than 30 minutes
Rich visualization and powerful reporting capabilities
Resources for training and guidance
Accurate utilization baseline and real-time visibility into 2 machines

*Pilot eligibility requirements
In order to be eligible for our pilot program, you must have all of the following: 

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Mark Ritchie, Operations Manager, Gleason
"We started the trial on a bottleneck resource that had roughly 35% OEE. By the time we finished up the trial, we were closer to 80-85% OEE–just by understanding better where our downtime was, and why we had it."

Get started with Amper's machine monitoring system—free for 30 days!