Because there’s a better way to run your factory!

Whether you’re a high-mix/low volume machine shop or a large-scale injection molding manufacturer, you can turn your factory into a more profitable, efficient operation. 

How? By leveraging the data that’s already on your factory floor. Why wait?

What you don't know can hurt you

It’s ironic: while manufacturers can run complex, high-skill processes with incredible precision tolerances practically in their sleep, their management processes are stuck in the past. Problems are solved ad hoc, one fire at a time. Data is tracked manually and imperfectly, using paper, whiteboard and ERP systems that aren’t designed for it. There’s no big picture, no coordinated plan.    

End result: Late deliveries and lost margins. Frustrated operators and constant turnover. Missed opportunities, measured in millions. You’re stuck in a rut of operating reactively, where every day is Groundhog Day, again.

If you can measure it, you can improve it

Fewer than 8% of U.S. manufacturers use real-time digital tracking to manage their operations. Yet in a survey of 30,000 factories, those in the top 95th percentile in terms of growth share one common characteristic: they use data-driven performance monitoring to manage their business.  

Which group do you want to be part of? Do you want to win market share, despite supply chain disruptions and other industry challenges? Or, do you want to hunker down for another six months, or 12, falling further behind? 

Why not take your cue from the most successful manufacturers: stop waiting and start tracking now!

Do you really know what's happening on your shop floor?

If you’re collecting data manually, maybe it’s not as useful as you think. Manual tracking is not just time consuming, but has a whopping 15% margin of error. Needless to say, it’s hard for operational leaders make sound plans and good decisions when they’re working with old, inaccurate information. 

No wonder a recent Amper survey found that the average machine shop boasts just 26% uptime!

“If you’re not making chips, you’re not making money.”​

More uptime enables:

✓ Greater capacity from existing machines and people
✓ More on-time deliveries (via decreased waste & WIP)
✓ More competitive pricing and parts per labor hour

The fastest way to improve QCD: use OEE as a leading indicator

If you’re like most plants, you track P&L and QCD metrics at the end of each month. Here’s the problem: retrospective analysis isn’t that valuable. It often lacks context, as well as actionable information. Besides, you just lost a whole month waiting to fix what’s broken!

A better choice: a real-time machine monitoring system—specifically, Amper’s real-time machine monitoring system. We’ll give you the levers and instrumentation you need to make improvements continuously. Believe it: our system will positively impact your financial and operational goals, every day. In real-time.   

Levers for improving OEE


➟ Shorten changeover times
➟ Remedy operator skill shortages
➟ Prevent equipment failure


➟ Shorten minor stoppages
➟ Correct reductions in speed
➟ Fix incorrect standards


➟ Minimize rework and scrap
➟ Reduce start-up rejections
➟ Reduce production rejections

Run your factory smarter with Amper's manufacturing analytics solution

Amper gives you everything you need to turn your shop floor into a predictable, productive, turnkey operation. By automatically capturing OEE data, we give you a detailed roadmap for optimizing your people, processes and equipment. You get actionable insights, real-time visibility, and empowered operators—adding up to reliable, on-time deliveries and happier customers. 

Here’s the four key advantages you’ll get from using Amper:

You'll meet your daily production goals

Never miss another commitment to a customer! Our system provides real-time visibility that will keep you ahead of machine downtime, issue escalations and hitches in your work processes.

You'll digitize your factory floor

Ditch the old-school pens and paper–and add precious time back into everyone’s day using automated, always-accurate tools.

You'll cultivate better managers

Because Amper provides individualized insights into each machine and operator, managers are empowered to become informed, engaged coaches and goal-setters.

Your operation will continuously improve

Armed with up-to-the-minute intelligence, you can confidently make knowledgeable decisions regarding improvement projects, pricing, equipment upgrades–even staffing.

Don't believe us?
The proof is in our numbers!

Increase your OEE
by 2-10%

That’s what most of our customers experience—starting right away. Best of all, thanks to our intuitive root cause analysis tools, you’ll quickly identify the 80/20 drivers of your business. Then, you’re on your way.

OEE utilization dashboard
Andon call features

Reduce response time to downtime by 33%

Sometimes, operators need assistance. Or machines need attention. Our customers find that, with our automated alerts and real-time communication tools, support resources respond faster—so jobs stay on schedule.

Reduce setup and changeover times by 18%

New Amper customers are often shocked to discover the waste in their setup and changeover processes. If you’re like them, you’ll be able to slash your setup and changeover times by a staggering 18%, no sweat.

Reduce setup times

Watch Amper pay for itself in two months’ time​​

Our customers generally see a payback in just two months’ time of using Amper—that’s how quickly our machine monitoring system will pay for itself. Which begs the question: why wait another day?   

Get more from your ERP

When you use your ERP system in conjunction with Amper, you can operate more proactively, efficiently and reliably.


Don't believe us–take it from our customers!

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