Simple & accessible manufacturing analytics deployed in minutes—not months.

Our solution makes machine monitoring and manufacturing data accessible to all, which is why our customers come in every shape and size. They’re winning because they use Amper to track OEE, reduce costs, and deliver quality parts on time to their customers.

Total control for next-level operations

From paperless OEE to workforce development to continuous improvement, Amper’s manufacturing analytics solution elevates your factory to the next level.

OEE utilization dashboard

Simple & rapid deployment ​

Self-installed in under 15 minutes

Many plants lack the IT resources to implement complex solutions. Amper requires minimal IT resources to launch and can be self-installed in under 15 minutes without the complexity of PLC integration or upgrades.

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why amper works on any machine

Works on any machine—new or old

Most plants have a wide mix of machines, varying in type, brand and age. Amper’s IoT device reads the electrical signal of a machine and turns it into actionable data. That means our solution works on any type of machine. With Amper you can track them all on one platform—using the common denominator of electricity.

All-inclusive & affordable pricing

Amper is consistently the system of choice for its ease-of-deployment, powerful reporting capabilities, and rapid payback period-—with one easy price that includes software, hardware, implementation and support.

Extensive customer success program

Consultative lean manufacturing advice

Successfully launch your lean manufacturing initiatives with our customer success program. Every Amper customer is assigned a Six Sigma-Certified, Customer Success Manager to help them throughout implementation, onboarding and ongoing optimization.

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Customer Support Engineer

Unlimited tech support

The Amper Helpdesk is available through email, phone & instant message.

You’ll also have access to help documents and how-to articles about hardware installation, best practices for using your data, as well as use cases to get the most out of Amper.

"When we were out looking for a machine monitoring system, we had to make sure there would be a positive ROI for us. We cared about pricing, ease of implementation and the simplicity of reporting. Of the 3 solutions we looked at, Amper was the best across the board."
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Don Dumoulin
CEO, Precise Tooling Solutions