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Webinar thumbnail mitotec precision saves 1.4 million dollars in under a year by using Amper

Mitotec saves $1.4M in under a year with Amper

Like most manufacturers, Mitotec felt constrained by its labor and operational resources. In their first 11 months with Amper, they leveraged their new data to pinpoint issues, reducing unplanned downtime by 35 hours per day ($656K savings) and planned downtime by 40 hours per day ($750K savings).

Global Precision Parts (GPP) improves productivity and labor management

After collecting six months’ worth of quality data with Amper, GPP determined to use it to measure paid labor utilization. The goal? Seeing either two hours of machine uptime or one hour of setup for every hour of paid labor. In a short time, GPP increased utilization by 10%, while paid labor utilization averaged 100% or more.

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