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  • 75+
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Factory Size

  • 60,000 sq ft
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  • Necedah, WI
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Company Overview

Mitotec Precision is a nationally-recognized manufacturer of precision-turned components. Founded in 1963, the Wisconsin-based company has 20 machines and almost 80 employees. It serves a number of industries and OEM markets, including medical devices, defense and military, firearm and sighting systems, hydraulics, industrial equipment, and more.

Mitotec, which is ISO9001-2015 certified, has always been committed to adopting new technologies and engaging in continuous improvement—but needed better data to do so.   


Key Highlights

After testing out Amper’s free trial program, Mitotec deployed Amper to help them pinpoint why and where downtime was occurring, allowing them to remedy these issues through CI initiatives. Through these initiatives Mitotec was able to:

Reduce average setup time from 9 hours to 7, a 20% reduction 

Minimize downtime by enabling operators to call for support and quality control through Amper’s operating system, rather than leave their machines

Hire more operators, after learning they were losing more than 13,000 hours per year–a cost of $914,000–due to “need to hire”

Save over $1M in less than one year 

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