Real-time Dashboard

Maintain visibility of your entire factory no matter where you are. Easily identify developing problems and quickly access the operating status of each machine in your factory.

Alert Notifications

Get text message notifications on anomalies like a machine stopping during unattended production. Easily set up configurable alerts by setting thresholds for downtime minutes.

Actionable Reports

Take action on the things most affecting your bottom line. Easily generate PDF reports and CSV files to see and compare machine downtime causes, machine utilization, operator response times and much more.

Operator Context

Discover valuable insights into the causes of machine downtime and high scrap rates, as well as see trends by part number and more. Using a simple and robust tablet interface, operators can add context with a couple quick taps on the screen.

Workplace Visualization

Increase employee ownership over the performance of the factory with powerful visualizations across your factory floor. Share real-time, shift-wise and historical performance on easy-to-read screens in key locations.

Operator Response Time

Track job completion time and gain deeper insights into the comparative costs to create different part numbers.

Cycle Time BETA

Keep production on track with real-time cycle time monitoring and get alerts when cycle times are outside of a target range.

Part Number Tracking

Track job completion time and gain deeper insights into the comparative costs to create different part numbers.

Inventory Count BETA

Ensure inventory counts are accurate and and see if your factory is on track to meet shift-wise, daily, and weekly production goals.

Maintenance Scheduling BETA

Create more predictable lead times by scheduling maintenance based on machine or part number run-times.

Scrap Rates & Yield BETA

Compare scrap rates across different machines running the same parts and identify candidate machines for a maintenance tune-up.

What You Get

Amper offers a complete solution from the hardware to the software. This makes it simple to use and easy to install.
Non-Invasive Sensors

Amper uses non-invasive current transformers to measure the power draw of machines. The sensors wrap around the power cable.

Internet-Connected Gateway

The system has been designed to make it frictionless to deploy. Our cellular gateway connects without any need for IT integration.

Tablet App

Tables securely mounted near the machine allow the operator to add context. The tablet interface is simple and clear to use.

Web Dashboard

Log on to your online dashboard anytime and anywhere to configure alerts and see real-time status, key metrics and rich reports.

Works with Every Machine

Amper is able to monitor any kind of machine by inferring all the relevant metrics from just the electricial signals.